Mega Moolah Android Slot

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Play Mega Moolah Android Slot and you could win a big progressive cash jackpot. Click below to play Mega Moolah now.

Mega Moolah

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Mega Moolah Android slot is your chance to win big online, now available to Android device users. There are few online casino games that offer such huge payouts as Mega Moolah slots do – and with a bit of luck, you could find yourself on the end of one of them. Huge jackpots are being won every day on Mega Moolah, and if you aren’t participating in this casino opportunity, you’re missing out.

The concept behind Mega Moolah for Android is relatively simple, yet the rewards can be massive. The slots have a series of progressive jackpot slots. The top jackpot of the progressive slots can add up to millions in cash! Each of the slots on the game has its own jackpot, which can be activated at any point in the game, meaning your chances of winning big cash are even likelier. These jackpots will always be the same amount no matter what the size of your bets are – so you can still win big even if you are a relatively small-stakes player.

There are certain symbols you need to look out for in the Mega Moolah Android slots as a lot of them are worth big. Always be on the lookout for the animal symbols, which are: buffalo, zebra, elephant, giraffe and the lions. The lions are ‘wild’ and can be swapped for any other symbol to help make up winning combinations. Payouts are double for any combo it completes. The monkey bags are your next best friend. These symbols mean you will win regardless of where they are positioned in slots, as long as there are two or more of them – so look out for these guys too!

Mega Moolah Android Slot: Win Table

You win a regular prize if you line up these symbols on the reels. Winning combinations pay out from left to right, and the symbols must be next to eachother on an enabled payline.

Symbol2 Coins3 Coins4 Coins5 Coins
Mega Moolah Lion121251,500 15,000
Mega Moolah Elephant650250750
Mega Moolah Buffalo440150600
Mega Moolah Giraffe--30125500
Mega Moolah Zebra--20100400
Mega Moolah Kudu--1050250
Mega Moolah Ace--840150
Mega Moolah King--630100
Mega Moolah Queen--42075
Mega Moolah Jack--31560
Mega Moolah Ten--21040

Mega Moolah Android Slot: Scatter Wins

Free spins are a big part of playing any slot game online, and Mega Moolah Android slot will give you plenty of them. Look out for the Monkey ‘scatter’ symbols. If you spin 3 or more Monkey symbols anywhere on the reels, you enter the free spin bonus game and win 15 free spins. Even better, all wins during these free spins pay out triple their original value. The Lion does not substitute for the Monkey symbol.

Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the Monkey symbol combination payout by your total coin bet value.

Monkey SymbolNo. of SymbolsMultiply By
Mega Moolah Monkey

Mega Moolah Android Slot: Progressive Jackpots

You can win a progressive jackpot only if you’re playing Mega Moolah for real money. The progressive jackpot is achieved by playing the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot bonus game. This game is delivered randomly at any time while you play.

Progressive Jackpot Starts At

With some of the biggest jackpots available online, entertaining bonuses, free spins and a whole load of quick cash waiting to be won, Mega Moolah Android is worth a few spins!

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Thunderstruck Android Slot

Thunderstruck Android slot uses five reels and nine paylines, with a long payout table that gives you lots of ways to win. Click below to play Thunderstruck now!


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The theme of Thunderstruck Android slot is Norse mythology and the god Thor, which is also a wild symbol with a multiplier bonus. If you use a Thor symbol to complete any winning combination, then your prize for that payline is doubled. There is also a special Ram scatter symbol that can win you some free spins. If you get three Rams or more anywhere on the screen after a spin, then you get 15 extra spins for free. However, all of your prizes won with free spins are tripled!

The symbols for Thunderstruck Android slot include the wild symbol Thor, the scatter symbol of Rams, a Hammer, a Fist, a Castle, flashing Lightning, and a Horn. There are also card-based symbols like the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine. The jackpot prize is five Thor symbols on any payline which pays out 10,000 credits. Your prize for each payline is decided by combinations of symbols located next to each other, and you’ll receive the highest possible single prize available for your combination of symbols on each individual payline.

You’ll win 2 credits for two Fists or Nines beside of each other on a payline, while winning 3 credits for two Hammer or 10 credits for two Thor symbols. If you get three of the same symbol beside of each other, you’ll win 5 credits if it’s a Nine through King, 10 credits for an Ace, a Horn or flashing Lightning, 15 credits for the Castle symbol, 25 credits for a Fist or Hammer, and 200 credits if it’s the Thor symbol.

If you get four or five symbols beside of each other on a payline, then you can win anywhere from 25 credits to the whooping 10,000 credit jackpot depending on which symbols you get and how many there are. You should refer to the in-game payout table for more information on specific prizes since there are over 40 different winning combinations, not counting the wild cards.

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Major Millions Android Slot

If you like classic slots with huge progressive jackpots, then Major Millions Android slot is for you. Click below to play Major Millions now!

Major Millions

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Major Millions Android slot features a traditional interface with three paylines and three reels, and uses classic slot symbols like bars, cherries and lucky sevens. When you’re playing, remember that the progressive jackpot and other features like the wild, multiplier Major Millions symbol are only available if you’re playing with all three paylines.

The Major Millions symbol is wild and acts as a 2x multiplier symbol for whatever combination it is used to complete. If you get two Major Millions symbols in the same line, then they combine to give you a 4x multiplier. The progressive jackpot is won by getting three Major Millions symbols on the third payline.

Major Millions Android slot has an aggressive payout table compared to other three reel slots. Getting one cherry symbol wins a 2x payout, and getting two cherries gives you a 5x payout. There are single, double and triple bar symbols, and a combination of any three of the bar symbols wins a 10x prize. Getting three cherries or three single-bar symbols gives you a 15x payout. Three double-bar symbols will win you a 20x payout, while three triple-bar symbols will get a 30x payout. There are red lucky sevens, and blue lucky sevens in this game, and a combination of any three lucky sevens wins a 50x prize. Three blue lucky sevens wins the 80x prize, and three red sevens gets you the big 400x payout.

In Major Millions Android slot, you have lots of different ways to win with a classic selection of graphics and sound. This is the perfect game for people who enjoy more traditional video slots with a big progressive jackpot.

Major Millions Android Slot: Payout Schedule

Your prize in Major Millions depends on what symbols you manage to line up on the payline. Here’s what you can win:

CombinationCoins Won
3 Red Seven symbols400
3 Blue Seven symbols80
Any 3 Seven symbols50
3 3-Bar symbols30
3 2-Bar symbols20
3 1-Bar symbols15
3 Cherry symbols15
Any 3 Bar symbols10
2 Cherry symbols5
1 Cherry symbol2

Major Millions Android Slot: Multiple Payline Schedule

For multiple paylines, you only win on paylines what are enabled. This is determined by the number of coins you bet per spin.

Number of Coins BetPayline EnabledPayline Position
11Horizontal, center
22Horizontal, upper
33Horizontal, lower

And if you get 3 Major Millions symbols on any enabled payline, this is what you win:

CombinationCoins Won
Payline 125,000
Payline 250,000
Payline 3Progressive Jackpot

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Tomb Raider Android Slot

If you’re a fan of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, you can now play Tomb Raider Android slot on your Android phone or tablet. Click below to play Tomb Raider now!

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Android slot has 5 reels, which means there are 15 pay lines to help you win more. To win points or money, depending on which mode you are playing, you need to get matching symbols on the reels. Tomb Raider Android slot can be played on any Android device. This means, whether you have a smart phone or a tablet you can enjoy Tomb Raider on Android. The graphics and colors of this game are impeccable, and make you feel like you are playing at the casino. There are also the realistic sound effects of an actual slot machine game.

To play the game, you need to first sign up with a username and password. This will ensure that any progress you make while playing the game, will be saved for the next time you decide to play. The great thing about this Android slot game is you can either play for extra spins or for real money. When you play for real money, each spin is worth 0.75 credits. There are a few different symbols placed on the reels to help you get extra bonuses. There is a scatter symbol, a wild symbol and a couple of bonus spins symbols. You can choose how many lines you want to play for. The more lines you play the better chance you have at winning more money or free spins. If you enjoy playing slot machines on Android, Tomb Raider is one of the best yet.

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Mermaid’s Millions Android Slot

Mermaid’s Millions Android slot is a firm favourite with many players. With top class animation and generous prizes, you won’t grow tired of Mermaid’s Millions. Click below to start playing now!

Mermaids Millions

Mermaid’s Millions uses five reels with 15 different paylines, which drastically increases your chances of winning. Mermaid’s Millions Android slot also uses a wild multiplier, which can boost your winnings even more, and free spins that give you extra chances to make a big score. This slot also features the Treasure bonus game that will let you pile on the winnings. If you’re feeling lucky, you might just hit the big progressive jackpot available for players who play with multiple coins. This is a top of the range Android slot for anyone who is interested in serious chances to win.

Mermaid’s Millions Android Slot is provided by a range of established and secure casinos such as Allslots and Spin Palace. These casinos use the popular and secure Spin3 platform and operate under Microgaming Software Systems Ltd, creators of a long line of hit games. Mermaid’s Millions Android Slot is another great example of a Microgaming and Spin3 game that offers entertainment and value that the competition can’t match.

Mermaid’s Millions Android Slots: Payout Table

You win on Mermaid’s Millions Android slot if you manage to score these symbols on the reels.

Neptune5200 2,000 7,500
Jewel Box-- 50 100 500
Clam-- 20 100 500
Sea Horse-- 15 75 250
Ace-- 10 50 125
King-- 5 50 100
Queen -- 5 25 100
Jack -- 2 15 75
Ten -- 2 15 75

For regular wins you must meet the following rules:

  • The symbols must be next to each other on an enabled payline.
  • Winning combinations pay out from left to right.
  • At least one of the symbols must be displayed on the first slot reel.
  • A symbol combination starting from the second, third, fourth and fifth slot reels does not pay out.
  • The Neptune symbol does not substitute for a Treasure Bonus symbol to activate the bonus game.

The Mermaid symbol is the Scatter. Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the Mermaid symbol combination payout, by the total number of credits bet.

No. of Mermaid symbolsCredit Bet Multiplier

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Jacks or Better Poker for Android

Play Jacks or Better Poker for Android and win real money. Click below to play Jacks or Better on your Android now.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better for Android is one of the most popular casino games for taking on the dealer at a special game of cards. Now that you can download Jacks or Better poker to your mobile device, you can take on the dealer any time, any place. Spin3 have adapted Microgaming’s Jacks or Better to Android devices in such a way that it runs smoothly and looks great on your mobile screen.

With Jacks or Better poker for Android, you are dealt five cards on your first hand of cards. Upon receiving your hand, you then have the option to choose cards that you want to keep and cards that you want to discard. Once you discard a card, it will be replaced from the deck with a new one. You need to hold and discard your cards in a strategic way, as the best hand will win the round.

Spin3 have designed Jacks or Better poker for Android to be played in its simplest form – meaning there are no wilds card or combinations. However, you will cash out if you have a variety of different hands – such as a hand with at least 2 jacks in, pairs of queens, kings and aces. You will also get paid for your usual poker hands like two pairs, flushes and full houses, etc. The highest payout will be of 4000 coins if you manage to land the Royal Flush! With a little luck, you can easily be winning these types of coins in no time.

Jacks or Better poker for Android is a great variation of a classic game, and once you start mastering your card sectioning, you will soon see how easy it is to make a constant amount of big winnings every time you turn on your Android device and start playing.

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Royal Derby for Android

Play Royal Derby for Android and win real money on the horses! Click below to play Royal Derby for Android now.

Royal Derby

Royal Derby for Android brings you the excitement and action of horse racing in a virtual world experience. An experience that allows you to pick winning horses whenever you feel like it. Royal Derby requires users to use their skill and understanding of different horse racing’s factors to pick winners, making you big time cash for your expertise. Spin3 have created a smooth, lifelike experience that you can operate on your Android device. If you are a fan of the races and want to get a new spin on making racing-bets, then this is your only option.

The great thing about Royal Derby for Android is the incredible lifelike experience it delivers. Outcomes of races are determined by lifelike events such as the form of the horse, the jockey, the ground conditions and even the weather. Royal Derby will never produce the same two racing outcomes. Spin3 have designed the game using their state of the art technology to ensure the experience is 100% unique every race. Once you have taken into consideration the various factors of your race, it’s time for you to stake your money. Depending on how much you stake, if you performed your analysis correctly, you could end up walking away with some serious winnings – all from the comfort of using your mobile device!

With crisp looking animations, great audio, money to be won and a whole lot of entertainment, Royal Derby for Android is set to be a classic. Whether you are a casual racing fan who just wants to sit back at home and make the occasional bet, or a hardcore fan who wants to make some serious money, Royal Derby is going to keep you entertained for months to come.

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Android Blackjack

Play Android Blackjack and win real money prizes. Click below to play Blackjack on your Android now.


Android Blackjack is taking the mobile gaming world by storm. Spin3 have developed another winning piece of software with their mobile Blackjack gaming interface – taking blackjack to a whole new level!

Having blackjack playable from your mobile device feels just like you are holding a pack of cards in your hand, ready to take on the dealer. You decide when are where you play – and if you like the great odds involved in blackjack; this game for your Android is a must have.

Android Blackjack is played with your standard set of 52 cards. Each game the cards are shuffled using state-of-the-art RNG technology, giving you the same chances you would encounter in a real life game of blackjack. Then, once the game has begun, the idea is simple: all you have to do is beat the value of the dealers hand without going over the value of 21 on your cards. If you hit 21 with 2 cards, you have scored big with a blackjack and the payout will be even higher! Every time the dealer goes bust, you will win the stake, meaning your odds of winning are even higher.

Blackjack has become a favourite game for many casino-lovers purely because the chances of winning are much higher than other casino games. And now that you can download Android Blackjack to your mobile device, you can enjoy this experience wherever you take your phone. The experience is heightened even further due to Spin3’s smooth-running interface that will allow you to place bets effortlessly.

Spin3′s interface runs so smoothly on Android phones that it will feel just like you are playing the real thing – and winning real money too. If you like blackjack and need to take on the dealer from the comfort of your own bed, then you need this!

For another classic casino game, play Android Roulette. And if you want to spin for a huge progressive jackpot, play Mega Moolah Android Slot.

Android Roulette

Android Roulette gives you the chance to spin the wheel and win real money. Click below to play Roulette on your Android now.


Android Roulette is now available on your mobile devices. The addictive money making game can be accessed from anywhere you take your Android device. Spin3 have created the perfect solution for all your mobile roulette needs, with their cutting-edge software that allows users to quickly and easily access Android Roulette games within a matter of seconds and enjoy a smooth casino experience in the palm of your hand.

Roulette is an all time classic casino game, with so much to gain and little to lose.  With a little bit of luck you could find yourself winning big, whilst only speculating a tiny amount of cash. That being said; there are a few different types of bet that you can make on Android Roulette – and your most basic option is to either bet the ball landing on red or black. If your prediction is correct, then you will win back double your initial staking amounts. If you are a bit of a risk-taker, then you can go ahead and try your luck to win huge on the roulette. To win big you have the options to bet on single numbers, rows and columns. You can even make multiple bets to improve your chances of winning.

Being able to use Spin3′s fast and state-of-the-art Android Roulette technology gives you the chance to win big money from the palm of your hand. Experiencing a smooth interface on your gaming platform is vital for having a great time. Playing roulette on Android is ideal if you are looking for the chance to win some quick cash - be you at home, in bed, on the go, or anywhere else you take your mobile device.

There are few casino games that have such likely returns as Android Roulette – and the thrill of winning big could only be a few spins of the roulette wheel away.

Android Roulette: Bet Types

Bet NameDescription
Straight up betA bet on a single number
Split betA bet on two adjacent numbers
Street betA bet on any three numbers in a row
Square betA bet on a block of four numbers
Line betA bet on six numbers, comprising two adjacent rows
Column betA bet on one of three vertical columns
Dozen betA bet on twelve numbers - either high, middle or low
Even-Money betA bet on eighteen numbers - either even, odd, red, black, high or low


Android Roulette: Payout Schedule

Bet NameOdds
Straight up bet35:1
Split bet17:1
Street bet11:1
Square bet8:1
Line bet5:1
Column bet2:1
Dozen bet2:1
Even-Money bet1:1


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Bingo Bonanza for Android

Play Bingo Bonanza for Android and win real money. Start playing Bingo Bonanza on your iPad now.

Bingo Bonanza

Bingo is an all-time favourite betting game that mostly relies on luck, but huge returns of winnings when Lady Luck does favour you. Bingo Bonanza gives you the chance to pick up some incredible winning numbers in the world of bingo.

In the game of Bingo Bonanza for Android, there are generally eight types of balls that are selected from the spinner. Each of these balls are marked with a different number, with each number representing the payout amount in the event of a win. These numbers are 2, 5, 10, 100, 250, 1000, 10 000 and 20 000. The balls will all be shuffled and then selected at random before being displayed on your screen. Winning factors are then determined by matching balls number and what the player’s initial staking amount was.

Players can even customise the playing environment with Spin3′s bingo software. This allows you to change such options as the speed in which the game is played, the background colours and more. This allows more freedom to the player, and when a player feels more comfortable with the game they are playing, the more they will enjoy it. And the more a player plays the game, the more big winnings they are likely to have.

Bingo Bonanza for Android is an excellent and life-like experience for anyone looking to engage in bingo activity from the comfort of their own home. Having bingo on your phone is a great way to pass the time and experience the highs of bingo wherever you take your Android phone. Spin3 have done an excellent job at making the interface fast and user friendly, allowing people with all experience of bingo to participate and enjoy.

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